Celina Pehlke

Welcome to my world

Hi, my name is Célina.
When I was first hearing about „manifestation“ I was already into entrepreneurship for 4 years, handling my two businesses pretty much how I was taught: You have to work hard to get results and control everything you can. Even though with my second business. my mentoring business, I was already into energetic work and human design.
But it wasn’t until I unapologetically started to live after the principals of Law of Attraction that I freed myself from coaching-hopping, depending on strategies I didn’t like and the permanent doubt how I would create the results I was really dreaming of. 
So can you. And I am more than happy to tap into this journey together until you learned all the skills to lifelong and independently create your dreams on your own.

B.A. Journalism and
Business Communication


2017: Full service Agency for energetic instagram & online marKeting

2021: Mentoring Business for energetic business development

Ich finde du hast was, was mir bei vielen Coaches bisher oft gefehlt hat. Weil viele waren irgendwie oft viel zu sehr in der männlichen oder weiblichen Energie. Entweder waren sie so: Ja stell dich nicht so an und mach einfach! Oder: Mach nichts, du musst nichts tun. Und bei dir hab ich so das Gefühl, ist es die perfekte Mischung!
Julia Morbach

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The perfect way to step into manifestation and all the principals of Law of Attraction that will change your perspective on life and business forever.

1:1 mentoring

If you are ready to change the way you create results in your business and life my premium 12-week-program is offering limited spots for an individual mentoring experience.