Seduce the Senses, Ignite the Market

Because it’s time to stop to stop hiding who you really are just to fit in.

Because it’s time to unleash your brand's sensual symphony.

energetic Marketing for
luxe & sensual brands

It’s funny how we start a business to stop playing by rules we don’t like. But without noticing we find ourselves following new rules. Rules in disguise. Rules set by the industry, set by experts.

At the beginning it feels safe, but you come too far. You’re too experienced too much to be put in a box, to follow step-by-step marketing. To do what everyone else is doing.

 If you are ready for that one-of-a-kind marketing that is truly revealing the full potential of your brand, this is your place. 


The LuxeGram Concierge:

Premium Content Management

Imagine your Instagram or LinkedIn Marketing feels like staying in your favorite 5* luxury hotel: 

You’re enjoying all the good parts of it while your favorite concierge is taking care of ANYTHING else: Creating reels and copies, publishing posts, helping to come up with sensational strategies. 

I am that concierge. Only that it will feel like you are talking to a friend.

The luxegram editorial

20 Premium Postings for your brand

Imagine your Instagram Profile will represent the most magnetic portfolio.  The kind of portfolio that gives your dream client the „I want it“ vibes. 

In our TheLuxeGram Editorial you’ll receive 20 ready-to-publish Instagram postings, newsletter or LinkedIn posts targeted to our brand and your energetical blueprint. 

Inked Sensation:

Copywriting for Luxe Brands

Yes, they call me Queen of words.

I’ll not find random words for your homepage. I’ll take your purpose, your vision, your energy and create a whole new world. A world people are craving to dive into.

All the crazy ideas swirling in your head will find a stage in the most authentic, genuine copies that connect with your audience on soul level.

It takes two to tango

We'll be perfect partners if..

About Célina

Imagine 8-year-old Célina in her pyjamas, running to her parents in the very morning, reading out loud (proudly of course..) her first short story she wrote. 

Yes, writing has been my thing since I was a kid. It was the reason I now have a B.A in Journalism and Business Communication. I founded my business straight away after my graduation in 2017.

Being in the Marketing and Coaching industry now for more than 6 years I probably tapped into any training or strategy you can find: From very feminine surrender-all-we-need-is-love teachings to very masculine sales strategies.

I learned a lot from experiencing the whole spectrum. They say: You need to learn how to play by the rules to break them.

And now breaking the rules is what I do. Because YOU are more than a rule. You are too individual. Your goals are. Your values are. 

So let’s tell the world. Tell your future clients. Are you in?